Keeping your image formats straight

When posting images online it can be difficult to choose the correct digital image file format. The alphabet soup of jpg, png, gif, RAW, and others can still confuse me, and I’ve had a website since 1999. So I found when I found an article that lucidly explained their relative advantages, I had to share.
The author, who seems to be a serious Atheist and Darwinist thinker, also has a neat list of quotes that creationists would love to see. Note that the second to last one, “Is Evolution Probable?”, relies on unreasonable assumptions, and is thoroughly dismantled by the blog Good Math.

Is the US too pro-Israel?

I just read an article critical of America’s relationship with the state of Israel. Essentially, they argue that supporting Israel the way we do is no longer in the strategic interest of the US because Israel isn’t a special country and supporting them is making us enemies. The only reason we do so, they argue, is that they have powerful support by Americans.
I didn’t agree with most of its conclusions, but I found it interesting to learn about how pro-Israeli Americans manage to lobby their government so effectively. Normally these things come across as anti-semitic screeds, but I thought this was lucid and fair analysis if you buy their assumptions.
Here are links to a few other versions of the paper in case the main one expires. For extensive criticism of several points in the article check out Protein Wisdom, Volokh, as well as Daniel Drezner’s blog.