The Applied Economics Blog

Big Love is a great new show on HBO about a polygamous man, his three wives, and seven children. The Church of LDS (aka the Mormons) gave up polygamy in 1890 , but it seems that it lives on in quiet corners of Arizona and Utah.
The Applied Economics Blog is a new blog I’ve been reading. They put current events in economics, politics, and strategy within the context of advanced undergraduate economics. In their new piece, two girls for every boy, they talk about some of the consequences of polygamy suitable for economic analysis.

What can you see from space?

Contrary to rumor, the great wall of China isn’t the only man made object viable from space. The list is actually much longer.
But to this list we must add an enormous bit of sky pollution, a giant Video Ipod. It seems that Steve Jobs, after winning some Australian land in in a poker match, used it to build a 555 square mile video Ipod as a satellite viewable advertisement.