Do we need to start hiring foreign troups?

In Does America need a Foreign Legion?, Colby Cosh discusses the reasons why the US might want an army of foreigners to help protect it.
The French Foreign Legion is a force of foreign volunteers which in exchange for a combination of money, an opportunity to fight France’s enemies, and a shot at French citizenship has attracted fighting men from around the world. I heard a few years ago that joining got very difficult in the first few years after the fall of the USSR because elite Soviet troups tried to join by the, well, legion.
Max Boot, over at the Council on Foreign Relations has another bit on the same idea of letting some fight for their US citizenship. He mentions two strengths. “…it would make it easier for the U.S. armed forces to fill their ranks with high-quality volunteers. Second, it would increase the armed forces’ knowledge of foreign languages and customs.”
But a serious question is if we are willing to make the military into Another job Americans just won’t do. Is the solution to just raise pay levels? Pay is a fairly small componant of a budget of $300,000 per soldier.

Humans and Computers as Compliments Complements

Luis von Ahn is a professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. He has an amazing talk, which is long but fascinating, about how to create computer games to get humans to assist computers in doing tasks that computers do poorly at with specific examples in image processing and common sense facts about the world.
Long but fascinating.