Trying out Disqus comments

Disqus is one of those better commenting system that allows threading and multiple credentialing systems. I’m not deluded about the number of comments I get around here, but I thought it might make it easier to leave comments and it was pretty easy to install. Let me know what you think.

How well is Texas doing?

Williamson is much more convincing than Krugman on the success of Texas. Read them both and see:
Paul Krugman Is Still Wrong about Texas By Kevin D. Williamson
Paul Krugman: The Texas myth

After the growth in the tax burden ( Christopher Caldwell Falls for the Two-Income Trap by Todd Zywicki ) the number two self-inflected reason for lower prosperity in America (than we otherwise could have) is that we’ve used construction restrictions to artificially reduce the supply of housing. If housing were as cheap nationally as it is in Texas the average American’s compensation would go much farther. Using the Houston example, if all housing were as cheap as it is in Houston, the median (CES)  household earning about $63,000 would spend about  55% as much on housing, saving them about nine thousand a year. That more than average spending on utilities, fuel, clothing, and food combined or enough money to send two children to Catholic school.