Unwanted Side Effect: Cocaine Vaccine Leads Addicts to Take 10 Times More Cocaine

Mankiw lays out some conditions where Wealth-dependent Fines are optimal if perhaps injust

Why is American Food So Cheap? (really more about how cheap it is than why)

Getting drunk as signaling behavior (If it is harder to lie when drunk then we have reason to distrust teetotalers, at least those not abstaining for religious reasons)

Higher Education Starved for Tax Dollars? 32% higher than inflation in the 14 years

Simon vs. Ehrlich at a Funeral, you’d rather have Simon be there is an internet site on which people can ask and answer math questions. It elicits a good deal of effort for free, in an Open Science, reputation-mediated way.

The future is now: Lockheed Martin makes a Infantry Exoskeleton Carries 200 Pounds

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